Sunday, 17 March 2019

On My Next Game

Naturally, as YouTube's number one game-boy, I've been thinking a bit about what my next game is going to be.

I'm going to say up-front, it's probably not going to be 3D. Every so often people will ask me to try doing a 3D game, but I just don't think that Godot's 3D capabilities are really worth me going through all the effort to learn 3D programming and graphics and all that strange scary stuff.

Besides, I like 2D games. 3D games can be super cool, but it's just not what I'm after at the moment- maybe at some point in the future I'll learn how to do a 3D game, but not now.

But anyway, I've been thinking more about ideas or themes that I want my next game project to have. Primarily, I want to slow things down a bit and make a slightly less hectic game than the past few games I've made. Guns and explosions are super cool and super fun but I'm in the mood to shake things up, at least for the time being. Who knows if I'll go anywhere with this idea.

The idea is basically just to figure out how to make a game that's still fun and interesting, just without so many fast-paced aspects. I would want to create a more relaxing kind of game, but I have yet to figure out how exactly I can make that fun. I've got some ideas- for instance, the "farming simulator" archetype could be a good jumping off point, and maybe I could figure out how to introduce other elements of relaxation.

I had an idea for a system in which you would accrue points or have some incentive to just stare at the screen and do breathing exercises or something. It might come off as a bit silly, but it's a cute idea and I would like to find a nice way to make it into something good.

Also, although this isn't really related to anything I was just talking about, I'll probably keep with the monochromatic or semi-monochromatic art style, since that was really nice to work with and I'm not very good at creating other kinds of 2D art. I am able to do white silhouettes, and I guess that's basically all I need.

I think it's possible to mesh that with the relaxing vibe if I need to, although those two things don't necessarily go perfectly together. It might require a bit of careful consideration to ensure that I don't create some crazy Frankenstein's monster of a video game.

Anything I've said in this video can totally change at any moment. Hell, even as I type this script out I'm worried that I won't want to record it because I'll have changed my mind so much by then. Everything I've said here is completely tentative. Maybe you should make your own relaxing video game. If you do, send it to me and I'll post it on Twitter or something. Also subscribe to me and I'll smile in real life. Also pledge to my Patreon.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more YouTube videos because I am a slave to Google and the ceaseless turning of the wheels of time. Goodbye!


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